Ministry Of Works And Infrastructural Dev
To reposition Infrastructural Development, through renewed dedication, constructive attitude, reformation, competence and professionalism in service delivery in the State, at the world best standards
To provide efficient and technical sustainable services for infrastructural development through the State, to propel it to be among the top three most socially sound and economically develop State in the federation.
Our Mandate
In the pursuit of its vision and mission, the Ministry is committed to the execution of the following mandate and responsibilities.
  • Formulate policies to guide the development of State wide infrastructure.
  • Develop and facilitate the implementation of strategies for development of an integrated network of interstate and rural roads
  • Develop a framework for entering into partnership with International and National investors for the development of infrastructure on PPP basis in the State;
  • Maintain competent professionals with the capacity to monitor State projects and provide consultancy/advisory services to Local Governments and other private sector organization
  • Keep records on the status of State infrastructure, Buildings and structures meet relevant technical and safety requirements and legislations.
  • Liaise with Federal, International and other relevant bodies on matters of investment, regulation and development of infrastructures.
  • Ensure capacity building programme for staffers toward achieving the desired organizational objectives.
  • Plan and develop small and large Hydroelectric power station in Niger State.
  • Conduct study on our Rivers to assess Hydro potentials of the State.
  • Inspection and valuation of Government vehicles, Plants or properties for the purpose of repairs or disposal (Member Board of Survey).
  • Formulate policies and guidelines for the generation and distribution of power in consonance with existing Federal laws on this issues.
  • Liaise with power generating and distribution Agencies already on the ground within an outside the State.
  • Conceive and plan project and programmes for the development of Hydroelectric power producing areas of the State.
  • Handle all ecological problems connected with power and energy in the State.
  • Conduct research into other potential sources of energy and explore ways of improving on existing sources.
  • The Ministry shall handle any other development initiatives that requires Government attention and funding, but has not been attended to by other MDA.
  • Ensure harmonization of its activities with other MDA’s saddled with the provision of infrastructure.
  • Supervise and construct Dam for the purpose of generating electricity.
  • Execution of Government projects relating to Mechanical/Electrical Engineering services by Direct Labour.